Anesthesia Machines Financing

Anesthesia Equipment FinancingAnesthesia machines play an important role in modern medicine and are a critical element of any surgical center.  Anesthesia equipment is used to monitor and evaluate the health of a patient who is under anesthetic, while also making it easy to manage their medication levels throughout the procedure.

Today’s anesthesia equipment has become quite advanced, with features like flow meters, pressure gauges, ventilators and oxygen reserves built right in.  There are four main types of anesthesia that patients can receive:  General, Regional, Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) and local anesthesia.  Anesthetic machines differ based on how they deliver the medication.

When comparing different anesthesia machines, consider what types of safety features, monitoring equipment and delivery methods they support.  Leasing anesthesia machines can make the process much easier and allows you to easily upgrade when the newest technology comes out.  FinancingMED provides assistance in the acquisition of all types of anesthesia machines, including continuous flow and airway delivery machines, IV and local delivery systems.


American Society of Anesthesiologists
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