Medical Equipment Financing

The market for medical equipment in the US continues to grow as manufacturers take advantage of the latest advances in cutting edge technology and medicine to create innovative devices, tools and medical equipment designed to enhance the practice of medicine.  From imaging equipment and surgical tools, to just the basics like office furniture and medical carts, financing medical equipment is an economical approach to getting what you need without having to make a substantial investment by purchasing the items yourself.  Leasing is a smart approach for hospitals, non-profit medical organizations, medical schools and others that need top of line medical equipment and general medical supplies, including:

Lab Tools & Diagnostics
Exam Room Equipment
Optometry Equipment
Oxygen Pumps & Accessories
Physical Therapy Machines
Respiratory Devices

Coronary Angiography Equipment
General Medical Imaging Equipment
Medical Radiology Equipment
MRI Machines

Surgical Supplies & Devices
Anesthesia Machines
Diathermy Equipment
Electrosurgical & Cautery Devices
Miscellaneous Surgical Equipment
Surgical Microscopes
Surgical Tools