FinancingMED.com is made up of dedicated healthcare experts, business professionals and non-profit organizations that have come together to bring health education, awareness and support to those in need.

Our team is focused on the same goal: to increase access to medical equipment and services throughout the world with education, hard work and the charitable donations of our community.  At FinancingMED.com, we work to bring hope to impoverished areas and to change lives by providing much-needed support where it’s needed the most.

FinancingMED.com works towards a shared goal of bringing quality healthcare resources to those in need by providing:

  • Donation programs designed to bring medical equipment to impoverished areas
  • Helpful information on scholarship programs for students in support of tomorrow’s medical superheroes
  • Details on leading medical non-profit organizations in the US, offering helpful resources for those in need and those who want to help

Why We Launched FinancingMED.com

Access to high quality medical care is something that many of us take for granted.  You may not think twice about taking your kids in for their checkups, or with getting the occasional x-ray for a broken bone.  In many parts of the world, however, these simple tasks just aren’t possible.

Many impoverished areas aren’t just lacking in medical staff and facilities, but are often missing vital pieces of medical equipment as well.  Getting an x-ray, CAT scan or even an MRI may seem like no big deal to you, but to the millions of people around the world who don’t have reliable access to medical care, donations that include even the most basic pieces of medical equipment can mean the difference between life and death.


FinancingMED.com seeks to end these inequalities in medical care by helping to raise funds for medical equipment, supplies and other resources through the generous support of the medical community, business professionals and others that want to help.  Through cash donations, donations of refurbished medical equipment and other programs, FinancingMED.com tirelessly works to bring quality healthcare equipment and resources to all who are in need.

How Can You Help?

Who is behind FinancingMed?
FinancingMed.Com is the charitable arm of CapMed+(www.capmedplus.com) an industry leader in the field of medical imaging equipment.

Our mission is to bring change to the needy, oppressed and poor areas of the world by leveraging our resources, expertise and profit-share, and funneling that into a a business model that puts medical equipment into the hands of groups in need.

To whom much is given, much is expected. By Gods grace we have been blessed with a free society rich with open entrepreneurial resources. To achieve success in our industry in and in the United States is something we are thankful for every day. We feel it is our mission and our duty to to put these resources to work – for the greater good.

100% of donation proceeds are used to obtain equipment for those in need. In addition, FinancingMED.com will donate 10% on all finance transactions gross margin to the equipment acquisition fund.