Coronary Angiography Equipment Financing

Coronary Angiography Equipment FinancingAlthough there have been some significant advances in non-invasive imaging, Coronary Angiography continues to be the leading imaging technique for diagnosing vascular diseases. During an angiographic procedure, a catheter is placed in an artery so that x-ray images can see any blockages that are present.  It’s a fairly routine procedure that is typically performed in a hospital setting on an outpatient basis. Coronary angiography equipment can be expensive, especially those models that contain the newest technological advances.  Today’s equipment has noticeable improvements in how it quantifies different features of blood vessels and its assessment of the results, improving diagnosis accuracy and resulting in a better patient experience. Purchasing new coronary angiography equipment isn’t always an option for medical startups and others who are working with a limited budget, yet it’s imperative to have the most recent technology if you want to offer the best treatment.  Leasing coronary angiography machines and accessories can make the process easy.  FinancingMED provides assistance in the acquisition of all types of coronary angiography equipment, including exam chairs, digital refraction systems, tonometers and ophthalmic ultrasound machines.


Procedural Techniques of Coronary Angiography

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