Nursing & Home Care Financing

Home Medical Equipment FinancingNursing homes, assisted care facilities and elderly caregivers all need access to high quality equipment.  Furnishing an entire care facility means stocking it with patient beds and exam tables and other equipment that is necessary for the best care for long-term patients, but it’s not always financially feasible.  According to the Visiting Nurse Association of America (VNAA), the nursing and home care industries continue to grow, thanks in part to an increasing number of older Americans that have some health issues, but who still want to live somewhat independently.

Nursing homes and other types of care facilities have different needs when it comes to the equipment that they require.  Facilities that specialize in hospice care, for example, may not require the diagnostic and treatment equipment that a standard home care set up would have.  Over time, the types of equipment and furniture that are needed may change too as the needs of the patients change.

Leasing equipment for nursing homes and home care allows caregivers and physicians to get all of the equipment they need without having to make a large investment when they are first starting out.  It also makes it possible for caregivers to access the latest products and equipment without making a huge investment.  FinancingMED provides assistance in the acquisition of all types of Nursing and Home Care Equipment, including medical furniture, portable monitoring devices and personal care equipment.


Visiting Nurses Association of America