Advanced Trauma Module Kit for Adult Extrication Mannequins for Sale

The Advanced Trauma Module Kit for adult extrication mannequins offer the most realistic medical training experience. These highly realistic modules are used for trauma life support training and experience with life saving first aid scenarios.  

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The Advanced Trauma Module Kit comes with:

  • Trauma intubation head
    • Manually generate carotid pulse
    • Articulates to mannequin
    • Contusions, broken bones, bleeding
  • Seat belt contusion
    • Lay-on for chest
    • Contusion with injuries consistent with seat belt trauma
  • Burn arm with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns
    • Illustrated with progressive blistering sequences
    • Left forearm and hand articulates at elbow
  • Compound fracture radius
    • Exposed proximal portion of radius.
    • Interchangeable with blank forearm
  • Industrial hand
    • Laceration with exposed bone and tissue
    • Severe fingernail and finger trauma
    • Broken bones
    • Right forearm and hand articulates at elbow
  • Large and small caliber entry and exit wounds
    • Entry wound interchangeable with blank deltoids
    • Exit wounds interchangeable with blank gluteals
  • Exposed viscera
    • Abdominal wound with protruding contents
    • Interchangeable with blank abdominal muscle
  • Impaled object
    • Metallic object imbedded in thigh
    • Interchangeable with blank thigh
  • Compound fracture femur
    • Exposed fracture protrudes from mid-thigh
    • Interchangeable with blank thigh module
  • Closed fracture tibia and fibula
    • Fracture palpitation
    • Right lower leg articulates at the knee
  • Contused ankle and foot
    • Left lower leg articulates at knee
  • Crushed foot
    • Severe laceration with exposed tendon, bone and soft tissue
    • Complete amputation of lesser toe
    • Right foot articulated at ankle

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