Emergency Medical Equipment Financing

Emergency Medical Equipment

The emergency medical equipment leasing industry has experienced dramatic growth in recent years, as newer, more expensive technology has resulted in more expensive equipment being produced. The industry is expected to continue this growth, as more medical professionals choose to lease instead of purchasing emergency equipment for their practice.

According to a recent report by BioMedTrends, the medical equipment leasing industry is predicted to reach $56 billion in the US by 2017. This trend can be attributed in part to increased access to better financing options, quick credit approvals and the desire to have easy access to the latest technology.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reports that having the right emergency equipment on hand is essential for medical responses involving a natural disaster, chemical spill or other emergency situation. Being prepared with the right emergency equipment helps medical teams quickly assess and treat patients in life-threatening situations. The most common types of emergency equipment leased by medical professionals include x-ray machines, ultrasound equipment, lab equipment and surgical gear.

The emergency medical equipment leasing industry is expected to see continued growth as more medical professionals opt for leasing equipment instead of buying new in order to save money and have access to the latest technology. Interested in leasing emergency medical equipment for your practice? FinancingMED provides assistance in the acquisition of all types of emergency medical equipment, including x-ray machines, lab equipment and ultrasound machines.



Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

AED Trainer 2 Defibrillator Simulator

Advanced Trauma Module Kit for Adult Extrication Mannequins

Advanced Video System (AVS) Medical Simulation Recorder

Breast Exam Module Training Simulator

Blood Pressure Training Arm (Adult-Sized)

Female Wound Care and Assessment Set

Interchangeable Catheterization & Enema Task Training Mannequin

Mastectomy Module Postoperative Training Mannequin

Nursing Anne Advanced Training Mannequin

Nursing Baby Basic and Advanced Infant Training Mannequin

Nursing Kelly Full Body Adult Training Mannequin

Nursing Kid 6-Year Old Training Mannequin

Patient Monitor PC for Medical Training Settings

PROMPT Birthing Simulator Training Mannequin

Pediatric Trauma Modules for Pediatric Mannequins

Torso NG Tube and Trach Care Training Mannequin

SimMan 3G Patient Training Mannequin

VitalSim Control Unit for Medical Training Simulations