Advanced Video System (AVS) Medical Simulation Recorder For Sale

The Advanced Video System (AVS) medical simulation recorder makes it easy to record all aspects of medical simulations, including video audio data logs and patient monitoring details. For users of the SimMan and SimBaby, the AVS enhanced your debriefing abilities. The system automatically tracks data from up to four cameras, and also tracks the input from a microphone. The system can be easily integrated into your network, making it easy to share simulations from anywhere inside the facility.

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Nursing Anne Training Functions:

Advanced Video System (AVS) Benefits:

  • Get access to a single debrief file containing embedded audio and video streams, along with data log details and the patient monitor information
  • Lets students see what really happened in the scenario, instead of having them rely on their perceptions
  • Acts as a helpful tool for trainer and instructors when measuring critical thinking, communication and patient interactions
  • Time indexed playback makes it easy to go back and forth in the scenario when answering questions or touching on an important point
  • Reinforces learning objects by showing comments in the log during replay
  • Makes it easy for instructors to manage the delivery, storage and distribution of the scenario files, including copying to external storage devices

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