AED Trainer 2 Defibrillator Simulator For Sale

The AED Trainer 2 defibrillator simulator is a realistic and economical AED trainer designed to mimic the HeartStart FR2 AED in terms of appearance, operation and voice prompts.  Designed to provide quality training on using an automated external defibrillator, the AED Trainer 2 is a smart option for training both the layperson and healthcare providers on proper use.

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As a training tool, the AED Trainer 2 has everything needed to teach the most important functions and techniques of an external defibrillator machine. The system has increased instructor flexibility with remote control of scenarios, allowing for a fully customizable experience with the device. The included scenario builder program makes it easy to create the ideal training environment. The AED Trainer 2 is used with the AED Little Anne and AED Resuci Anne manikins.

AED Trainer Product Features:

  • Operates on six C-cell batteries
  • Ten pre-configured sudden cardiac arrest scenarios compatible with internationally recognized responder training programs
  • Optional remote control for manual scenario selection
  • Realistic battery case for simulating detachment and insertion of HeartStart FR2 Defibrillator
  • Pull-tab status indicator simulates the HeartStart2 status window for maintenance
  • Includes high-quality soft pack with “1-2-3” protocol card for added training


AED Trainer 2 Programming Kit (Optional) allows for:

  • Local language output
  • Creation editing and uploading of custom-built scenarios
  • Configuration of various parameters to match the settings of the HeartStart FR2 defibrillator


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