Breast Exam Module Training Simulator For Sale

The Breast Exam Module training simulator reproduces multiple breast abnormalities found in common breast examinations and includes identifications of lump size and type. Designed to help medical students recognize the different signs of breast disorders, including nodule size and relative locations, the Breast Exam Module offers a realistic examination experience for the most effective training.  For use as a standalone training device or can be use with Nursing Anne for a full exam experience. The module set comes with 2 female breasts, 22 nodule inserts, 1 bottle talcum powder and a durable carrying case.

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Breast Exam Module Features

  • Simulates realistic feel of breast tissue
  • Includes anatomy of typical female breasts
  • Set of interchangeable nodule inserts for representing fibro adenomas, solid lumps, cysts and masses of varying sizes
    • Inserts are placed into tunnels at back side of breasts
    • Nodules with holes are used to simulate cysts
    • Fixed nodule inserts use pegs for insertion into holes into Nursing Anne’s chest plate
  • Nodule Inserts include:
    • Size 20mm – 4 movable and 2 fixed
    • Size 15mm – 2 movable and 2 fixed
    • Size 10mm – 6 fixed
    • Size 5mm – 6 fixed

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