Interchangeable Catheterization & Enema Task Training Mannequin For Sale

The Interchangeable Catheterization and Enema Task training mannequin was designed as a life-size female pelvis that includes interchangeable male genitalia.  The trainer makes it easy to practice urologic and rectal access gastrointestinal procedures in a clinical training environment. Designed with a realistic articulation, the trainer can be properly positioned for different procedures, ensuring the most realistic experience for medical students. Includes sturdy carrying case easy portability and storage.

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Interchangeable Catheterization and Enema Task Trainer Features

  • Interchangeable male and female genitalia
  • Can be set for urologic care procedures, including perineal care, insertion of vaginal medications and indwelling catheter insertion care, removal and irrigation
  • Enema administration with fluid
  • Simulate cystostomy tube care and urinary diversion stoma care
  • Single plug with valve keeps reservoir pressurized for catheterization
  • Can be used for bilateral thigh, dorsal gluteal and ventral gluteal IM injections

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