Nursing Baby Basic and Advanced Infant Training Mannequin For Sale

The Nursing Baby basic and advanced infant training mannequin delivers a realistic infant care experience by accurately representing a 6-month old child. Designed for basic and advanced pediatric training, the Nursing Baby can be used for a variety of infant patient procedures and care assessments in a simulation-based training environment. Perfect for students and training for advanced healthcare providers, the Nursing Baby is designed to help improve communication skills, develop advanced medical training and regine the most critical element of pediatric patient care.

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Nursing Baby Training Specifications

  • Intramuscular injection site identification
  • Trach care and suctioning (oral and nasal)
  • NG and OG tube insertion
  • Full range of motion for realistic patient experience
  • Bilateral thigh and deltoid intramuscular injections
  • Ileostomy stoma care
  • Nasal packing
  • Intraosseous puncture and infusion
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Auscultation of normal/abnormal heart, breath and bowel sounds
  • Gastronomy tube care and feeding
  • Vocal sound identification
  • Variable Fontanelle:
    • Normal
    • Bulging
    • Depressed
  • IV Training
    • Articulating IV arm and leg
    • Infusible vein system for peripheral intravenous therapy and site care
    • Venipuncture
    • Heel drain connects to reservoir for infusions
  • IO Training
    • Articulating IO leg infusible
    • Heel drain connector
    • Simulated tibia and other landmarks

Nursing Baby Technical Specifications

  • SimPad touchscreen interface for mobile administration
    • Produce lung sounds synchronized with breathing rate (0-60 BPM)
    • Heart sounds
    • Pre-recorded vocal sounds or live vocal feed with microphone
    • Normal and abnormal bowel sounds

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