Nursing Kelly Full Body Adult Training Mannequin For Sale

Nursing Kelly is full body adult training mannequin designed for effective clinical skills training in a medical environment. Designed with anatomically accurate features, Nursing Kelly provides a thorough training experience, allowing for completed assessments of patient health and training in medical interventions By utilizing this type of simulation-based training, students learn the skills needed to deliver the highest level of quality care consistently. Nursing Kelly is perfect for everything from the most basic patient care training to the most advanced scenarios in the management of patient care.

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Nursing Kelly Training Specifications

  • Realistic features for the most accurate scenarios
  • Airway care:
    • Tracheostomy care/tracheal suctioning
    • Endotracheal tube insertion and care
    • Nasal and oral intubation
  • Circulatory care:
    • Articulating IV arm
    • ECG synchronization
    • Blood pressure measurement
    • Diastolic and variable systolic pressure analysis
  • Other training features:
    • Subcutaneous/intramuscular injections
    • Bowel sounds (normal and abnormal)
    • Colostomy, ileostomy and suprapubic cystotomy
    • Urinary catheterization (male or female)

Nursing Kelly Technical Features

  • SimPad System included for touchscreen operation
    • Handheld remote allows for easy mobile operation
    • Use the system for random scenarios or select on of many pre-installed scenarios
    • Enjoy high quality data capture for accurate analysis
  • Sounds
    • Heart sounds (synchronized with programmable ECG)
    • Auscultated lung sounds
    • Normal/abnormal lung sounds
    • Bowel sounds
    • Vocal sounds (cough, vomit, moan, yes, no)
  • Blood pressure/pulse
    • Korotkoff sounds synchronized with ECG
    • Auscultative Gap with on/off function
    • Calibrate function to adjust pressure sensor
  • Download log files and student data to PC for review later
    • All details are timestamped and saved in the log

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