Nursing Kid 6-Year Old Training Mannequin For Sale

The Nursing Kid 6-year old training mannequin was designed for clinical skill training and assessments in a variety of pediatric care scenarios. The Nursing Kid provides a complete training experience and is ideal for everything from the most basic in-hospital care, to more advanced first aid, wound care and child abuse awareness training. With the Nursing Kid, student can improve their overall pediatric care skills, while working through many different types of scenarios for the most thorough training.

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Nursing Kid Training Specifications

  • Articulating IV arm
    • IV cannulation
    • Medication administration
    • IV site care and maintenance
    • Venipuncture
    • Access to median, basilic and cephalic veins
    • Thigh, deltoid and gluteal intramuscular injections
  • Interchangeable male and female genitalia
    • Complete urinary catheterization
    • Indwelling or straight catheters
    • Enema procedures
  • Tracheal and esophageal access
  • Pulse
    • Manually generated carotid pulse
  • Simulated lungs and stomach
  • Pediatric trauma models (optional)

Nursing Kid Technical Specifications

  • Requires SimPad System for use
    • Uses pre-installed care scenarios or manual operation
    • Goes anywhere you need it
    • Optional patient monitor available
    • for the optimum clinical experience
  • Sounds
    • Heart sounds with ECG synchronization
    • Individual and auscultated lung sounds
    • Normal and abnormal bowel sounds
    • Computer generated or manual vocal sounds
  • Scenario Function/Logging
    • Upload themes and scenarios from SimStore
    • Download log files to a PC for viewing, printing or saving for later
  • Patient Monitor (Optional)
    • Get the most precise feedback in clinical applications
    • Comes with color screen configurable to multiple parameters

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